It’s Friday and time for another look at the state of the Pandemic in and around Warren County, IL.

Warren County

Last Week brought 11 new cases with a average positive test rate of 5.32%. This week we saw 8 new cases and a positive test rate of 4.14%. That’s good news. On the other hand, there were just fewer test reported on this week. Saturday through Monday were marked with reports containing fewer than 20 tests per day. There was more testing going on the past two weeks. All told, the county seems to continue its ebb and flow of losing ground one week only to make it back the next.

Below you’ll find the same graphics as last week. The first covers the daily test results. The second tracks the daily positive test rating as well as the seven day average for the county and the recovery region. The third graphic covers the known status of all the positive cases in the county. The last graphic shows you the demographics for the prior two weeks as well as this week. You can mouse over different elements to get more details. No real surprises in the case status or demographics.

The Status of the Region

As a reminder, the region I look at includes Warren County’s recovery region (Region 2) as determined by the state’s recovery plan as well as a few choice counties across the river in Iowa. You can see the exact area in the maps down below.

The story in the region continues to mirror the story national. New cases are climbing. This week seemed to start with day to day increases and then followed by a bit of a leveling off. The net result is still a daily average that is up from last week. The more urban areas still dominate the actual numbers with Peoria continuing to be a hot spot.