In my previous posts I looked at the pandemic experience in and around Warren County from the first cases up until the end of July. This post is my first weekly report since moving my work over to this blog space. As usual, my data comes directly from the Warren County Health Department reports and publically available data found at The focus of these weekly reports is, as the name implies, the last week’s worth of data. I’m also giving you the two weeks prior for context.

What’s Happening in Warren County

This week saw a continued steady trickle of cases. No single day was outrageous but we also saw no days with zero new cases. In COVID related news, this week the Monmouth-Roseville School District changed course and has declared that the fall semester will be carried out remotely. Meanwhile, Monmouth College still plans to welcome 800 to 900 students to campus next week and United School district, the other public school district serving Warren County, plans to run a hybrid schedule.

Test Results and Positive Test Rating

Now for the graphics. First the daily test results and positive test rate. The later graphic also gives you the recovery region seven day average for context. Remember that the state is watching for 7 increases in a 10 day period or three days in a row above 8%. Last week Warren County was above the regional average. This week we’ve dropped back down into the average range.


The number of new cases this past week was not exceptional. The real news is in the demographics of the infected. This week saw our first cases of people in the 80-100 age range. Below you can see the demographic break down of the past two weeks along side the demographics of this week.

What’s Happening in the Region

The number of new cases per day continues to rise in the region. As expected, most new cases are in the more urban counties. Below you can see the regional total and a map showing the total cases from just the past three weeks.