Final Reflection

This evaluation brings the course to its conclusion. We won’t have a one-on-one meeting following this reflection because the semester will have come and gone. Your goal for this reflection is to look back at the totality of this class, evaluate your learning, and take one last moment to tell me anything you think I need to know about your work and your experience this semester. As always, you must submit a fully up to date report along with this reflection.

What to Write

In one to two pages, respond to the questions below. Be sure to submit your report card along with the letter

  1. Choose 5-8 items from your report card that you think best represent your progression in this course and the extent to which you’ve met the course competencies. Tell the story behind these items and explain the reasoning behind your self-evaluation of these items. Be certain to talk about all parts of the relevant competencies: task, knowledge area, skill-level, and dispositions. To the extent possible, choose a good representative sample of items. That means don’t cherry pick the very best items but include the highs, the lows, and everything in between. If any set of items highlight your ability to turn early failures into future success, then you should highlight those items as they clearly demonstrate your ability to learn and your willingness to work toward meeting the course competencies.
  2. What final grade to you think you’ve earned and why? When assigning yourself a grade do not give a range of grades. Self-assign an exact grade. Explain your reasoning in terms of your self-evaluation and be certain to address all parts of the competencies: tasks, knowledge, skill, and dispositions. Be certain to address the extent to which you’ve meet all the competencies. Don’t focus on just a small number. If you not all the competencies were actually covered in the course, then be certain to discuss that as part of your assessment.
  3. What else, if anything, do you think I need to know about your semester, your work, and your final self-assigned grade?