Reflection #4 - One More Time Before the End

At this point you have some experience with and feedback on the self-evaluation process. You have begun mapping your competency-based evaluation to a letter grade. Let’s work that process some more and have one last face-to-face discussion before the final evaluation and grade assessment. As always, you must submit a fully up to date report card along with this reflection.

What to Write

In one to two pages, respond to the questions below. Be sure to submit your report card along with the letter

  1. Since the last self-evaluation, how have you been doing at making progress towards meeting the competencies? Pick 3-5 new items from your report card that best represent this progress (forwards or backwards). Tell the story behind these items and explain the reasoning behind your self-evaluation of these items.
  2. How, if at all, has your grade changed since the last self-evaluation? When assigning yourself a grade do not give a range of grades. Self-assign an exact grade. Explain your reasoning in terms of your self-evaluation and be certain to address all the parts of the competencies: tasks, knowledge, skill, and dispositions.
  3. Last time we talked about steps you might take to keep up with or catch up with your goals, how have you been doing with those steps?
  4. The next self-evaluation is the last one, do you feel you’re on track for meeting the course goals, your personal goals, and your grade goals going into that evaluation? Are you reconsidering your goals? If so, what are they and why change them? What do you think you need to do before the end of the semester to feel satisfied with your experience in this class?