Reflection #1: Setting Goals and Expectations

Your first reflection isn’t a self-evaluation. We haven’t really gotten started yet. Instead, we’re using this letter to begin the conversation between you the student and me the teacher about goals and expectations. Everyone comes to this class from a different place, has different expectations, and has their own goals. This letter and the one-on-one conversation that will follow it lets us get on the same page so that we can work together to help you meet or exceed your goals for this course. Before writing this reflection, be certain you’ve read the syllabus along with the competencies and self-evaluation how-to.

What to Write

In one to two pages, respond to the questions below. When it comes to setting goals, don’t be afraid to set multiple levels of goals. For example, what’s the ideal outcome and what is the minimum you’d be happy with? Above all else, do not hesitate to be honest with me about why you’re here and what you’re hoping to achieve.

  1. My goal in this course is to help you meet or exceed the the course competencies. What is your personal goal? What brought you to this class? Why do you want to learn to program computers?
  2. As discussed in the syllabus, this course is largely ungraded. You receive a final grade but that grade is determine by our self-evaluation and reflection process and not through the accumulation of instructor-assigned points. Do you think this system will help you, hinder you, or both? Do you have any questions about the process, the self-evaluation, or grades in this course?
  3. What’s your grade goal for this course? What do you think it will take to reach that goal? What do you imagine your final self-evaluation report card would need to look like to reach that grade?
  4. Do you have any questions or concerns you want to raise with me before we get into the thick of the semester?