This course switched to remote delivery via Google Classroom due to the pandemic. What remains here is a snapshot of things prior to that switch.


   Reading and Review Question Calendar

   Interactive Animations from Text

Wireshark Assignments

The Wireshark labs are all available for download here. Be prepared to present and discuss your results in front of the class on the day the assignment is due.

Number Labs/Problems Due Date
1 Getting Started, P18, and P19 1/22
2 HTTP & DNS 2/7
3 TCP & UDP 3/2

Problem Sets

Problems listed in parenthesis are optional and/or will be worked during class time. You should also check out the interactive problems posted by James Kurose.

Number/Chapter Problems Due Date
1 15,17,20,22,25,26 1/29
2 15,16,18,19,22, 2/10
3 11,12,15,17,22,24 3/2

Socket Programming