Reading and Review Question Calendar

Wireshark Assignments

The Wireshark labs are all available for download here. Be prepared to present and discuss your results in front of the class on the day the assignment is due.

Number Labs/Problems Due Date
1 Getting Started, P18, and P19 1/23
2 HTTP & DNS 2/9
3 TCP & UDP 2/26
4 IP 3/27
5 IMCP 4/18
6 Ethernet and choose SSL or 802.11 5/9

For your final WireShark assignment you’ll need to choose either that SSL lab or the Wireless (802.11) lab to do and present in addition to the Enthernet lab. Either one will require you to delve into material not convered in class. You’ll present both labs separately on the 9th. That’s two presentations. Pay special attention to the presentation for the second lab as you’ll be expected to give some basic introduction to the new material. To account for this, you can expect to have 2-4 more minutes of presentation time on the second lab.

Problem Sets

Problems listed in parenthesis are optional and/or will be worked during class time. You should also check out the interactive problems posted by James Kurose.

Number/Chapter Problems Due Date
1 15,17,20,22,25,26 1/26
2 15,16,18,19,22, 2/13
3 11,12,15,17,22,24 2/26
4 12,14,17,19, 3/26
5 11,12,13,14,18 4/20
6 1,2,3,5,7,8,10, 4/30

Socket Programming (Exam 2)

You’ll be doing the Python socket programming labs in place of exam 2. I highly recommend you work with the Anaconda Python system.

Socket Programming (Exam 5)

For chapter 5, you’ll be doing another Socket programming lab in place of an exam. The lab is another Pinger program but this time it utilizes the IMCP protocol and is, therefore, a ready for use pinger. The lab will be handed out in class. You must do the standard lab and the two optional exercises. Your Python source code and screen shots of your program pinging 3 different servers, each on a different continent, is due no later than 5/2, the last day of classes. The should provide you more than enough time to work out issues and produce a high quality final product.