This project isn’t a project. It’s a crash course in the software and services that will drive all your collaborative efforts in this class.

Getting Started

Step one in getting your feet wet is to take baby steps towards understanding what are VCS, git, and github as well as how they are used by development teams.

Task Objective What to Turn In
Read Pro Git 1.1 to 1.3 Get a sense of what git is, why it’s used, and how developers use it to manage projects. nothing
Do the Github Quickstart Hello World Get on Github and carry out key git/vcs actions using the GitHub interface Email the instructor your github username and a link to the repo you created
Read and follow along with Pro Git 1.4 to 1.6 and the Github Quickstart Set Up Git article. Install and configure Git on your personal development machine nothing
Text Editors

A good text editor is an essential tool for developers. Because they are a WYSIWIG application, you can use them to view, edit, and write code. They are also essential for using Git as they are the means by which you write and edit commit messages. When setting up Git, you’ll learn how to set the default text editor for git. The default is typically VIM. You are encouraged to explore some other options. Here are some popular choices.

Text Editors
Sublime Text
VS Code
Atom Editor

Github Flow - Solo Edition

At this point you should have an account on Github and that account should be added to our Github Classroom. Additionally, you should have a local version of git installed and configured. You’ll now test that configuration by working through a simple task using the Github Flow model.

Task Objective What to Turn In
Read about Github Flow in the Quickstart Get familiar with how github flow is used to manage the process of modifying the contents of a repo nothing
Get the Git & Github Fundamentals assignment from the Github classroom using the provided link (see email) Start a new repo via Classroom Assignment nothing
Make a local clone of your assignment repo. Mirror a Github project locally nothing
Make a Change to the project: (1) Start a new branch (2) Add a new Markdown File with your lastname as the filename. Answer the survey questions below in that file. (3) Commit your changes to the branch Make a change to the repo nothing
Update the GitHub Repo: (1) Push your branch (2) Create a PR for your pushed branch. (3) Merge your PR. Update a remote repo from local changes nothing
Pull the updated main branch from the remote Sync changes from remote to local repo Inform the instructor that your assignment is done