Below is a master list of the lab assignments. Like with homework, they will be posted and submitted on replit. Labs will typically be done in pairs. Every 30 minutes or every problem, whichever comes first, pairs should switch who is driving and who is navigating. Recall that the driver is typing code and generally doing to programming while the navigator is looking for bugs and offering thoughts on overall design.

   Last Updated 2/21

Date   Problems
1/18   Lab 1: R-1.12,C-1.22,24,25,27
1/25   Lab 2: Flower Class (see replit)
2/1   Lab 3: Restaurant Tip Class (see replit)
2/8   Lab 4: Profiling and Experimental Analysis (see replit)
2/15   Lab 5: big-Oh Analysis
2/22   Lab 6: Recursive Functions (see replit)