Below is a master list of the homework assignments. Assignments will be posted and submitted through replit. Work should be submitted on an individual basis. You can work with classmates, but be sure you keep it honest. Help one another understand problems and their solutions and do not simply give away solutions without understanding. You should never be copying code from someone else.

   Last Updated: 2/22

Due Date   Problems
1/18 (2pm)   R-1.3,6,7,8,9,10,11.C-1.21
2/9   Vector Grade Calculations
2/28   Chapter 3: R-3.2, R-3.3, R-3.7, R-3.8, R-3.29, R-3.30, R-3.31, R-3.32, R-3.33
3/1 (4pm)   No-Slice Recursion