Vaccination Data Updates to the Site

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I’ve made a couple of vaccine-related updates to the dashboards.

  1. The vaccination graph on the daily page now includes the daily number of new fully vaccinated individuals as well as the seven day average of that number. This adds some much needed data about the rate of vaccinations that was hard to determine from just the percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated.
  2. The regional report now contains a second set of graphs that show more detailed vaccine data in the region. These graphs mirror the daily vaccine graph but the nubmers are normlaized to a per 100,000 people basis to allow for some comparsion between counties.

The number that I’m looking most closely at is the seven day average of new fully vaccinated individuals. It’s the dark blue line on the new graphs. The daily counts of new vaccinations are subject to spikes from local clinics. The seven day average smooths this out and lets you get a sense of the pace of vaccination. Ideally this number is going up but as we run out of people to vaccinate it’s going to plateau and eventually drop. To get a sense for what I’m saying, let’s look at the complete vacciantion history for Warren County:

The population of Warren county is currently 17032 people. The peak seven day average for new vacinations was about 142. That’s almost 1% of the population per day and would have gotten us well on our way to some real community protection no time. Unfortunately, that rate did not hold long and we have not come close since. Currently, we’re seeing something around 10 new vaccinations per day according to the seven day average. That’s about 0.05% of the population getting vaccinated per day and on the order of 1% of the population vaccinated every two and a half weeks. With just over 37% of the county currently vaccinated, maintaining that rate means it will be another couple of months before we see 40% of the population fully vaccinated. With the delta variant making it’s way around the country and running amok down in southern Illinois and Missori, I’d certainly feel a lot better if that rate turned around.

For what it’s worth, my wife and I are both fully vaccinated and had no real problems with the vaccine. We plan to get both our kids vaccinated just as soon as the shots are made available to those under 12. In the meantime, I hope anyone that’s reading this and that has not yet been vaccinated will seriously consider getting the shots. Nobody wants another major fall spike in cases.