Reflection #3 - Your First Self-Assessed Grade

Now that we’ve looked at the minutia of the self-evaluation, it’s time to look at the big picture and start the discussion about your course grade. The goal for this reflection is two fold: get continued feedback on your self-evaluation practices and begin to align our thinking about how to translate a self-evaluation into a letter grade. As always, you’ll submit a fully up to date report card along with this reflection.

What to Write

In one to two pages, respond to the questions below. Be sure to submit your report card along with the letter

  1. Pick 3-5 items from your report card that best represent your progress in this class thus far. When possible, be sure your selection includes moments of clear success, moments of struggle, and some things in between. Tell the story behind these items and explain the reasoning behind your self-evaluation for these items.
  2. On balance, how well do you think you’re doing at working towards meeting the competencies? What about your personal goals? What’s helping you to be successful? What is hindering your success?
  3. If you had to assign yourself a letter grade right now, what would it be? Do not give a range of grades. Self-assign an exact grade. Explain your reasoning in terms of your self-evaluation and be certain to address all parts of the competencies: tasks, knowledge, skill, and dispositions.
  4. Is your current grade inline with your goals? If not, what do you plan to do to move it up or are you considering re-evaluating your goals? If your meeting your goal, then what do you plan to do to at least maintain your current grade?