Reflection #2 - Your First Self-Evaluation

We now turn to the business of carrying out a critical self-evaluation of your learning. The goal for this reflection is to get feedback on your self-assessment that is captured on your report card. You want to be sure you’re recording appropriate activities and accurately assessing skill-levels.

You’ll need to submit a fully up to date report along with this reflection. In addition to discussing the reasoning behind your self-evaluations and working towards aligning my evaluation with yours, you’ll have the chance to continue a wider dialog about your experience with this class.

What to Write

In one to two pages, respond to the questions below. Be sure to submit your report card along with the letter

  1. Pick two items from Report Card and explain the reasoning behind your evaluation on this items in some detail. What led you to add the knowledge areas that you did? For each knowledge area, what led you to assign the required and demonstrated skill-levels that you did for each area? What led you to list the dispositional traits that you did?
  2. Looking at this class in a vacuum, how’s it going so far? Any concerns you want to discuss?
  3. Putting this class in the context of your schedule and the rest of your life, are you able to balance the demands of this course along with the rest of your schedule and life so far? Where does this class fall on your list of priorities? Are there any external pressures affecting your work that you want me to be aware of?